Sebastián Basaldúa shared his post to the group: Honda Rebel 125 250 & 450.

So bored :P

By the way, what set of tools do you take with you when riding?

  • get on and ride it! soon be smiling

  • Could do some etching in that paint lolool

  • Metric sockets wrenches Allen's screwdrivers pliers needs nose small electrical kit oil has hahaa

  • Yeahh!!!!!!!

  • No lo haga compa

  • Pero reconozcamos que desarmar cosas es, además de divertido, muy terapéutico!

  • What Jeff L Johnston Jr. Said

  • I also include this (really don't know its name in English)

  • Guitar string

  • it just gets stressful when they dont go back together lol

  • Guitar string?????

  • universal cable repair kit

  • Clutch cable :)

  • Could be Very Very handy

  • I agree

  • Exactly!!!!!

  • clutch cable

  • nothing !!

  • Chrome cover on fuse box mine doesn't have that what year is it

  • 86

  • I need one guess mine is missing didn't know till now

  • Maybe you can make one yourself. Measurements are in centimeters

  • Cool