Second time out on it Still a blast but I m starting to notice stuff Tach is...


Second time out on it. Still a blast but I'm starting to notice stuff. Tach is all over the place and Speedo is not working. Both have new cables. I'm going to investigate further but was thinking maybe someone else might have experienced this problem. (and fixed it )

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  • With the tach the grease inside the cable hub usually turns to tar, i sprayed wd40 in mine to get it softened up & then white grease. Helps but you have to do it a few times.

  • Do you mean the cable its self or the part on the motor that the cable goes into?

  • Where the cable goes into the tach itself, if you spray wd40 or some type of penetrating oil up in there to soften the old grease.. Iv'e done this with both my Tach & Speedo as they used to bounce around so bad you couldn't read them, I Just undo cable from them & spray lubricant up into opening, then put cable back on & start or go for ride. The lubricant has NEVER gone up into face area of either unit on mine. No Gaurenty tho-LOL

  • Ok, thank you Mike, appreciate the advice.

  • take a high speed drill to the end of the cable and check if the speed and the tack are at fault if they work then you have a problem at either the wheel for the speedo or the engine for the tack