Seekeing throttle clutch and front brakes line 14 over stock for a 2001 vox 600

Seekeing throttle, clutch, and front brakes line +14 over stock for a 2001 vox 600. Can't find anywhere and can't find cable sheathing to make myself. If anyone has these inbox asap. Thanks

  • Talk to Red Good or the amazing Katherine Bowerin aka Kate at Cycle one mfg. or talk to Tommy Jean Stiles who ownes Tj brutal customs and he specializes in vlx600 and vt750 bikes ! Maybe not as cheap as ebay or Amazon but you are supporting a small business who actually gives a damn about the cycle industry and they build and ride every day just like us .makes me sick when guys say how they can save 7 dollars by switching to ebay .

  • Sadly, I'm also a poor Applebee cook. Money tight

  • Well at least see what they can do is all I ask. They have beaten prices of major competitors just to help me out a lot of times.

  • +1 ^^^