seeking some advice please

seeking some advice please.

I'm having problems starting my bike. Its a 2006 with 40***km's and was serviced 8 months ago and travelled only about 1000km since so has spent some time sitting around but has always started. Don't know if its a coincidence but the problem has only been since I replaced the crankcase cover. It has a new battery, fresh fuel, it turns over but just wont fire. Any suggestions on where to start? Im going to check the spark plugs but they were replaced at the last service.

Many thanks

  • if you've had the tank off, did you put the hoses back on correctly

  • Which engine cover did you replace?

  • Sorry crankcase cover was replaced so didn't need to remove tank

  • Crankcase, right side

  • The timing sensor is on that cover. For what reason did you remove it?

  • It was damaged, put a new one on.

  • How long has it been stored? as fuel can gum up in the carbs if left for months.

  • Did you swap the sensor over?

  • No

  • Might be worth trying.

  • You plugged it in correctly?

  • I think I did, was a bit of fiddling but seemed to fit ok. So that could be the issue?

  • Could be. If it was fine before and not now it is something you touched/changed.

  • What could be wrong? Not sitting properly? Loose?

  • Not connected properly or faulty sensor. Did it work just before you changed the cover? Does the bike crank over?

  • The battery was flat before I did the cover change but never a problem starting. The bike is cranking but not firing.

  • ,How long since it was running?

  • 3-4 months?

  • Ok. Check for clean spark then first. If you have good spark then check the carbs as John Hepburn mentioned. If you have no spark then change the sensor on the right side engine cover to the one you originally had.

  • Sorry the sensor has not been changed

  • Check for spark first then. If it's good drain the fuel bowls and retry. You may need to pull the carbs off and clean them .

  • Ok thanks for your advice, greatly appreciated

  • Always check spark, if spark spray some carb cleaner down the carbs and if it fires you know its fuel.