Selfie stick. p


Selfie stick :p

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  • I understand that people dislike but as dangerous as wheelies people :p

  • Well when you do a wheelie you still have everything on the controlling parts of the bike...

  • I don't wish to argue with anyone I agree with you completely but if I crash it will be my own fault, but loads of people do stupid things haha

  • Sure its your own fault.. Tell that the parents of a kid you could kill.. Guess what even a msx to the head will kill you...

  • Funny how people always think a motorcycle is any better then a car when it comes to a crash. If you do selfies, do not do them in a village / city like you obviouly did.

  • That was the road past the home you can see, thank you for your concern for others

  • Manuel Martin Caraballo I don't wish to argue

  • im not arguing, im just telling facts ;-)

  • That's okay then haha :p

  • Dan Markinson I challenge you to a dual :p