Selling my aftermarket parts off my 05 aero 750 About to trade it and the...

Selling my aftermarket parts off my 05 aero 750. About to trade it and the value is the same with or without aftermarket stuff. Make offers.

Mustang wide vintage seat with passenger pad.

Cobra Highway bars. (Black)

Cobra tach (Chrome peeled off)

Reply with offers.

  • How much for the mustang seat? Will I be able to put it on my 2006 Honda Shadow Aero 750vt?

  • Also have the cobra passenger back rest.

  • Yes. It fits all the aero 750.

    Make an offer. I haven't had it 6 months. Basically brand new.

  • Are you able to send pictures? Give me a reasonable price. Funds are limited being a vet n on disability. Back been hurting from my stock seat. They tell me Mustang seat are the best but kinda out of my price range. Give me a price that you feel comfortable with.

  • I'll send pics in a min.

  • Mike Cruiser With a price Mike. Thanks. Take your time.

  • I also have the cobra back rest. I could do the whole lot with backrest for $350 plus shipping (which will probably be close to $50)

    This set up new is close to $600

  • Do you have pics of the highway bars?

  • I'll have to ask my accountant lol

  • Haha. Aka. Wife.

  • That's what I'm doing on the seat to Mike. She's piling up all her "Honey Do List".

  • Haha. I hear ya.