• Sharing the pain

    Sharing the pain...

    Been doing some prep work for when my custom sissy bar comes in. Another 2 weeks to go and I'm not a patient person. I'm trying to see if I can mount the sissy bar mount, a rack, and still keep the saddlebag mounts. So I took off the bolts on one side.... each one (3 of them) was different length & size. The other side was completely different from the left side; two bolts the same size, one bolt different from all the others. And none of them long enough to accommodate everything I'll be adding later. Local hardware store had the correct size bolts but the heads are too large for the saddlebag mounts. Ugh. I wanna punch someone. I looked online and found a "Honda" package of OEM bolts designated for atv's. The descriptions of the bolts were exactly what I'm looking for, with longer lengths included. Hallelujah! So now just waiting for the sissy bar. (See pic). That's a 10" blade on the bayonet. I'm having the guy add a metal loop in back to keep the blade removable but able to lock it in place. The bar is about 40" from end to end. I can't wait!

    • Believe it or not... EBAY. I put the link below. The guy is great with communication and will modify whatever you need.

    • No shit!? That's cool as hell! I'm definitely looking into that.

    • BTW - in my state I'm kinda pretty sure that blade is illegal but I'm hoping having it leashed by a cable lock will make a difference. And I am ALL ABOUT legal technicalities... it's not concealed & technically I wouldn't be carrying on my person. If I need to camouflage it, my plan is to remove the blade and claim it's a flower holder... lol... ( think VW beetles). But I'm a girl, we can get away with crap like that...

    • LMFAO! That's good stuff! You sound like allot of fun!

    • My bike's rear end is in pieces right now. I got so frustrated with the stupidity of it I had to walk away. Until the sissy bar comes in I'm gonna see if I can get the auxiliary lights to work. For some reason, the previous owner hooked up the lights to only turn on with the high beam. And they don't work. So I gotta figure out WHY, then rewire the lights to work as driving lights so they turn on with the headlight's low beam. I hate working on wiring. I'm convinced I'm gonna kill the bike irrevocably. O gotta figure out how to work a multimeter, dammit.

    • Yeah you're fun!

    • In fact being an eBayer, you'd probably find a good deal on there. Search power probe. If I find anything I can put it up here for ya.