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    A very comprehensive review of the Forza. I've tried to translate via an app. Not excellent translation but still very thorough.


    Honda breaks into the market for scooters Gran Turismo with a completely new model, driven by enhanced mechanical ESP almost touching the 15 hp with a maximum permitted butt of four valves compressed, exceptional equipment and a successful aesthetic as aggressive. It is clear that boasts to be the reference search.

    Honda Forza 125Hasta now, Honda's previous experiences in the GT category of 125cc scooters have passed without standing out too much; first with the Pantheon of 2 and 4 stroke and, more recently, with the S-Wing. So, when the latter was descatalogó, and to the long time without covering your space, we thought it was going to withdraw from participating in this segment, but the truth is that he was preparing something big. We have already said once the benefits of being the last: you can analyze in detail your current competition and respond with something better.

    Honda Forza 125

    And that's how Honda has acted in the Italian town of Atessa looking to be the best GT in behavior, performance, equipment and course design. A scooter created by Europeans for Europeans because, in principle, there is no intention to market outside Europe.

    To get the best performance, Honda uses its "global" engine ESP (Enhanced Smart Power) and makes it even more "enhanced" (improved) mounting a new 4-valve head with greater compression than using the Scoopy, SH Mode and PCX for 14.28 hp at 8,750 rpm. Obviously, the improvement is accompanied by a new injection map reviewed by Honda to get a good compromise performance-consumption. And, of course, share the rest of the features of this engine: "cylinder offset" alternator-starter in a single element, light piston, attached to the left side, the support bearings rocker, idle stop rail, etc.

    As far as equipment is everything: from a windshield that you can adjust the height with your hands, until a big hole 48 liters under the seat to hold two helmets, through a small deep glove box with power supply, very complete picture Instrument embossed lighthouse "full LED" no incandescent bulbs and ABS as standard.

    Honda Forza 125

    As for the chassis, Honda's obsession has been to lighten the most of Forza to avoid overloading the capacity of 125 cc engine and achieve maximum performance. For any part of your body you will see that the number 125 appears, that helps a lot to give to its user cache can appear to drive a super-scooter instead of a modest scooter validation. It is a psychological technique that we have seen in other brands but in the case of Honda, it is a custom in scooters recognition from Vision PCX 110 to 125 (no other displacements or motorbikes). The fact is that, while other brands do a GT 125 from a 250-300 or even 500, 125 Forza was conceived from the start as 125 cc and as you will see it has absolutely nothing to do with the model 300 cc. This entails ensuring the rigidity of a chassis for the efforts of a mechanism that does not exceed 15 CV without sobredimensionarlo or ballasting. The test gives the scale. With the deposit of 11.5 liters, reggistramos weighing 158.9 kilos (even a little lower than the official figure) almost the same as the last Suzuki Burgman (159.7 kg) of more compact dimensions, while its most direct competitors, the Yamaha X-Max and Kymco SuperDink, gave 171.0 and 178.1 kg respectively: nearly 20 kilos less than the latter.

    On board

    Honda Forza 125

    What it is a scooter made by European shows in the driving position as the higher will or habitability problems, and even your seat height of 780 mm allows those in the sixty meter "drop anchor "quite easily, but they should slide slightly toward the front end of the seat. Sitting in running order is very comfortable with his feet on the horizontal platforms and legs slightly bent. In addition, as is customary in this category of scooters, you can stretch your legs to custom resting your feet on the inclined platforms. The handlebar falls just above the waist and is sufficiently separated from the body.

    The windshield is adjustable from the cockpit same hands (without tools), obviously with the vehicle stationary. In the lowest position diverts air up to chin level and rises to the front when he gets on top. The quality of material is perfect because it does not distort water and you can see through it closely (in the city and in its highest position); the upper edge almost unnoticed but would appreciate a little more width for better coverage without side swirls.

    Honda Forza 125

    Their behavior is very noble. Trace contained cleanly and its wheelbase and light weight have enough to wander freely, but without reaching the sporty agility of a K-XCT Kymco agility.

    The engine will take a little more energetic to respond immediately to any gas blow. It is assumed that the injection map is prepared to soften the benefit of the consumer, but makes you lose joy; It is something we also discussed on the occasion of his brother the SH Scoopy. Yes, get ready to ride fast out of town because you get to the level reached at 114.6 km / h real corresponding to 123 km / h speedometer, making him 6 points more than the Yamaha X-Max in the GT 125 fastest on the market, but without reaching the versatile Peugeot 125 LC CityStar who holds the record among scooters with 120.5 km / h real.

    Ground line

    Honda Forza 125

    Forza has to assume its part in contact with the ground as their wheels 15 and 14 inches gives you the stability of a high wheel almost as Scoopy (16 inches). As for footwear, tires of the Japanese IRC not do anything wrong on dry roads, which we hope will not play, as happened with us PCX and ecological IRC, as fall four drops are used.

    By brakes neither does anything wrong with discs 256 and 240 mm at the front and rear wheels, security printing anti-lock braking system fitted as standard. It is signed by the Japanese with a modulator Nissin two identical channels (with different calibration) that uses the Scoopy. It is very effective, and as in any scooter that does not have combined braking, the rear is very intrusive, ie jumping to the minimum. The striker, however, hastens more in performance. You notice right away that comes into play because notes the strong "beats" in the corresponding handle. In this sense, it is not as discreet as Bosch ABS generation 9 employ K-XCT Kymco, Yamaha X-Max or Duke KTM bikes and RC so smooth that hardly seems to be working.

    Honda Forza 125

    Suspensions discharge their responsibilities. The front fork does function well, while the two long rear shock absorbers are standard on the softer position (another six tougher positions) showing a dry recovery.

    The price is the worst enemy of Forza. Clearly his sights or closest rival is the Yamaha X-Max which also coincides with the list price, € 4799, but Yamaha is offered in almost permanent promotion for 350 € less, without ABS below € 4,000 (€ 3,949), both with free insurance for one year. In this sense, Honda seems to impose the ABS as the only alternative forgetting that CBS combined braking version could popularize this model. However, it is not the more expensive GT ABS; there's the Piaggio X10 Executive rate which costs € 5089 and which has recently been lowered at the same price as the Forza.

    In company

    Honda Forza 125

    It does not go bad in the back seat of Forza. The two places are clearly defined and reserved for our passenger space offers a large and properly padded surface. The seat is higher than the driver and that means lifting martial arts leg plan to pass to the other side, unless you prefer to use one of the footrest as a step with the subsequent driver effort to avoid imbalance, or use a high curb as "airside". The passenger's feet rest on well-placed drop-down footrest, providing both sides of the seat hand grips paths thick grip.