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this is a good man.

I have known Bob for years now.

he epitomizes the good natured, always smiling, never says a bad thing about anyone, isnt greedy or pushy instead compassionate and giving person that i think everyone should aspire to be.

Being so willing to help anyone in need i think is what led him to be a great teacher, social worker and finally lead him to even teach English overseas to eager minds wanting to learn about America.

Those types of traits are the ones which thankfully brought me to be friends with him, as it did to nearly anyone lucky enough to meet him.

This is a good man

and out of the clear blue his heart beagn to have problems.And Bob has tried eveyrthing he could so far (various Drs) to stop and undo the damage his heart is suffering.

As he tried and wanted to go back to work and life and continue simply living, instead all he has been able to do is find doctors who could not help and instead of getting stronger the opposite has been happening.

And then he was told of a therapy which is new and so is not properly covered by anything.

But it is aimed at directly healing his heart ailments, and could well not only sustain his life- a terrific feat in itself, but could also allow him to be a productive member of society again, as he has always been.

The only thing at this point which is stopping him is money.

and that just cant be allowed to continue to stop him from getting better.

which is why when friends heard of this new treatment (and Bobs acceptance into their program!), we were thrilled because we knew would find the money one way or another, and one smart person setup a gofundme location so that contributions could be easily collected for him.

and allowing people like me, who if i had the money id just give it to him myself (that may sound like a boast, but in this case it isnt), to instead think about the fact that i have lots of friends who are quite well off and although id never be rude about it nor have any expectations whatsoever - id like to think i could turn to them and say : "Hey. this is a good man. and for the amount of money your gonna spend on a bottle of wine tonight at dinner (a good bottle, lets call it $100), if instead all of my friends alone gave that to this very good man, it would actually be more than enough for his life to at least be saved "

and i dont think i can put it any more clearly that that.

So please each of you goto the page, see what it says, pry open yer wallets and be generous to a good man who wants so very badly to go back to helping others, being an asset to our world as opposed to and to offset all this unattactrive unpleasantness we see around us these days.

Instead lets try and do something good.

  • In case any of you may be wondering why its appropriate to post this here, Bob has been a rider of proponent of the V65 for years now. A LONGtime member of the V4hondabbs forums under the psuedonymn "Dr Evil" (a wholly appropriate name for him, since hes about as harmful as Mike Meyers character was-instead being hilarious) Bob has been ridin the Magna for a long long time.

    But now he cant ride. And not because he did something wrong or bad or didnt do something right. He did all the right things, and got sick anyway. And now theres a chance he can get better.

    And all thats needed is money. And if thats all thats needed to help a good man, than that SHOULD NOT be a problem

    So im sharing this with as many good people as i can.

    And id like to think this group is chock-full of good people.

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  • Wish I could help but my Foundation is taking all I have.