• She runs like a dream

    She runs like a dream.

    Thanks to those who have given advice, especially about the detent lever.

    Finally back on the road.

    • No problem

    • Awesome man, 140??

    • job well done Greg :)

    • Nah, just standard.

      Blew my old motor up, piston was welded to the Conrod, then tried another motor but that was fucked.

      Then I bought this motor, but the gear selector shaft was bent.

      So I've been stripping and rebuilding it all weekend.

      Big bore kit when I get some more cash.

    • What kind of exhaust is that? Or baffle onto the standard header? Looks really neat and tidy.

    • Not sure.

      Bought it off my brother.

      It's a muffler grafted to the standard engine pipe.

      Wasn't loud enough when I got it, so I gutted the baffle and shortened it.

      Gave an instant boost of power when I fitted it.