She turns on fine she getting gas and vacuum have no idea why she s not...


She turns on fine she getting gas and vacuum have no idea why she's not accelerating at all can someone tell me why or help me only means of transportation and need it for work tonight

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  • And David Bullock for the win.. 13second video & he called it... Damn he's no 1 to fuk with when comes to these motors

  • Yeah you should find another way to work for tonight. No one in town is going to have a new axle, hub, or final drive gears for it.

  • yup was thinking the same thing gonna be a pain in the a $$ lol

  • Especially if it's your final drive gears because you'll have to find someone with a press.

  • Don't forget to grab some gear oil to, you'll need it.

  • May I ask A ? has nothing to do with your problem. what motor mount are you running

  • MOJO Weld on

  • Gregory Pimentel Thanks

  • My bike did the samething one day as i was driving it.. it was on but just stop rolling when i give it gas and it was my bearings inside the casing behind the axle......

  • It was something like that i dont remember if it was inside or outside but it was the bearings on the axle or it could be the hub 2 bcuz the samething happened when my hub went out 2

  • Look at the axle make sure you didn't strip the hub.

  • Jameson Smedick had that issue

  • Yep, I was going to mention that, but I didn't hear it and mine made a hell of a screech as the axle spun inside the hub

  • and a gasket set...

  • You can cut yourself and BLEED dat...!!

  • thanks guys for all the input but the problem was actually the hub checked the gears they were all good

  • ☝️ boom

  • Have no idea why no one casts and CNC's these hubs in steel they would last forever.

  • I said it was the hub... haha

  • because if they lasted forever you wouldn't have to spend money to buy a new one.. not a very smart business move..

  • Make a quality part and charge a premium price. The people who know will buy.

  • John Jon or Casey Jack needs to make some. They make all kinds of other things why not make disc brake hubs and regular hubs from solid steel?

  • I mean stock ones or even ones for non stock rims 100 plus now. So 200 for stock or disc brake and 300 for custom ones for rims would be a great profit margin on them and not to over priced.

  • I would think there are several reasons for not doing the hubs in steel as opposed to in aluminum. Weight, rusting and wear and tear on cutting bits. That's just my first thoughts...

  • So then stainless or something more durable. Lol

  • Smh.... I think if rust was the real issue the whole bike would be an issue 90% of people powder coat that shit anyways.................

  • Also I follow guys who machine steel parts bigger then your hood on a car and they do it regardless of tooling or cutting bits.

  • As far as weight goes I get that, but Also steel can be machined allot thinner then aluminum and still have the same strength as aluminum at a lesser volume and mass. J/s lol I would think you knew this tho...

  • If steel was a great idea as a choice you would think all these years it would have been done before.. Maybe you should break the mold Michael Garza seems you have all the knowledge and answers. Me I'm just a mattress salesman.. Not a machinest.. My knowledge is limited to what I do.. Which is not much. Just saying..

  • I'm just thinking about cars that have steel drums for the rear same concept really nothing groundbreaking it's been done since before I was born....

  • Factory vento wheels have a steel insert in them as long as there tight they don't go bad