Should be receiving my new brakes for my 79 fl250 today any suggestions

Should be receiving my new brakes for my 79' fl250 today any suggestions.. I will be changing both the brake pads on the disk and the shoes on the drum. Any pointers greatly appreciated.

  • For easy reference on replacing the brake pads and shoes check on YouTube for the fl250 repair manual. Both are pretty easy to replace but the repair manual illustrates the process

  • Scott Mottaz any help how to get the new ones to open.

  • Did you get it figured out? If not, lay it flat with the bolts facing up. Once the caliper is split grab the entire internal unit as one piece and remove it from the casing. To remove the cable you will need to push the cable to give it a little slack and remove the pin from the caliper arm. Once the cable is off and the internal unit is out you can pry the upper pad out. The outer/lower pad may need convincing to tap out. Install the new pads. Under the white plastic adjuster there is a slot that you can use to retract the caliper piston. Once the caliper is back together you will need to make cable adjustments at the caliper and where the cable meets the steering wheel. I seem to babble a lot. I hope this info helps.

  • I got it the first time I never reset the caliper piston hence why it was closed all the way. Just went for the first ride with brakes it's awesome

  • Congrats and enjoy. Once I got my first one going the rest of the family and the neighborhood wanted to ride. The get addicting.

  • Vintage Honda is very addicting. Here's two out of 3 vintage Honda bikes I have a 1964 Honda c110 and a 1970 Honda ct-70 that I rebuilt.

  • They look great. Back then everything had style. Nothing today can compare

  • Agree to the infinite degree.... would love to get my hands on a fl350

  • I've seen fl350's stock for around $2000 in my general area. On he other hand, they get up to around $4000 with all the add-ones. I too would love to get ahold of one or better yet a 400 pilot