Should have asked here first I m mechanically challenged at the moment after...


Should have asked here first. I'm mechanically challenged at the moment after riding in the rain until my gills were fully formed. How do I check the coolant level on a 2007 Aero? Thanks all.

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  • I am not too sure about the 2007, but I know on my 83, there is a reservoir in the right side of the bike. There should be a full line that either says "Full Hot" or Full Cold. That is where you should check the levels. I also have to add some myself. Need to go and get some coolant.

  • Where on the right hand side? Going to check as soon as you give me an idea.

  • Mine is Just below the fuel shut off.

  • Here is a video that shows how to replace the fluid. Maybe this will help. Looks like the radiator cap is under a cover by the front forks.

  • Bottom left side of the bike in front of rear tire there's a reserve tank. Just make sure thats at the full mark.