Should my Gudgeon pin slide out fairly easily


Should my Gudgeon pin slide out fairly easily ??

It won't come out, I fear this may lie at the heart of problem.

The piston won't even rotate on the pin.

Yes, I've taken out the clips.

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  • They can be subborn but usually a swift tap (not to aggessive) gets them out... maybe a bit of crc or similar but make sure you clean it after well

  • Any bike I have worked on the pin came out fairly easily...I have on occasion had to tap one out....the piston should freely move on that pin.

  • That piston looked cooked.Might of done the little end too,lack of oil heat seize.

  • I think so Will.

    I have beat the shit out of it, and it barely moved.

  • Looks like you are up for a rod and bearings.Might be time to put in a 125 crank.

  • Fuck

  • Looks like you have done a little end, need to strip crank and replace rod assembly. Usually caused by lack of oil or wrong grade and then the rod overheats