since having sorted the split diaphragm in the fuel tap the bike is ridin like...

since having sorted the split diaphragm in the fuel tap, the bike is ridin like a dream, even before the main problem arose, occasisonly would hav a little flooding affect, so makes me think how long had the diaphragm been on its way out, but now the beast is back and havin some right cheeky fun once again,,,,, but new rear brake pads and caliper seals to fit over wknd, and wait for posty to deliver my new undertray :-)

  • this is the one i gone for steve, will finish of the back end rather nice me thinks, will need to invest in a smaller plate though hahaha

  • Love to put one on but seams a shame to cover it all up with a number plate!, that's the only thing that's holding me back from fitting one.

  • i know what u mean, so thats why im gonna go for a smaller plate :-) heheheh

  • DAVE had EXAXCTLY the same problem... nightmare to fault find took ages but once he saw the split in the diaphragm and got a new fuel tap on...job done! M&Ps also now sell the diaphragm kits for VTR which they said they didn't a cpl of months ago!

  • i couldnt believe i had about 5 symptoms all for that poxy diaphragm hahah

  • I know, Dave had his apart and together a load of times over, he kept trying different things off my bike onto his for fault finding as not an easy fix if not obvious (some won't go as mines newer model) but he tried everything and it did his, and my head in!! grrrrr..proper little shit of a problem and it stinks when it stops all play for both of us! sorted now and went like a rocket once new fuel tap etc fitted..The split in his diaphragm was huge!

  • hahahah same as, i though it was ignition problem, not an over fueling problem,,,, wen i opened up the fuel tap the split must have been atleast an inch

  • We even bought another CDI and everything lol..

  • I was all for throwing in the towel in and selling the fcker and just buyign him another one.. We're both now onto our 2nd VTRs lol..Only way mine will go will be tothe scrappies lol.