Since it s a 4cyl. Do I have to run premium fuel. Always did in my shadow


Since it's a 4cyl. Do I have to run premium fuel.......Always did in my shadow

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  • regular is fine,just wasting your money with high-test

  • Kinda what I thought..........It SAT a lil while and wouldn't go much faster than 70 mph......Sounded topped out .......Now I'm getting 80 to 85 mph before it sounds topped out.......Just getting to know the bike before I start digging into it.........Carbs were worked on before I got it and after market fuel pump was added

  • You might run a tank with sea foam.

  • When I get it up to where it sounds topped out it has some ticking ....Sounds like fuel pump can't keep up...

    Some one said they red line at 7000 rpm. Mine only gets to 4500 to maybe 5000 rpm and sounds topped out

  • I'll get to OD and only get about 70 mph out of it ...Down shift and get all I can get outta forth again ,shift back to OD and get 85 or 90 but that is it's absolute top speed I can squeeze out of the bike

  • Yeah, something's not right. I was out yesterday with mine, I could just crack the throttle and pass people at 80!

  • I always use premium fuel in all my bikes. Might just be me being fussy but it always seems to make a difference. Maybe its the crap standard in the UK :)

  • Just for reference I cruise at 80 in OD at 3900 rpms.