Since it seems the season white walls Yes or no Thinking about lowering it...


Since it seems the season... white walls. Yes or no? Thinking about lowering it too.

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  • I have the same paint job and I was also thinking about doing white wall so if you do go that route you should post a pic how was installing the saddle bag bars?

  • Garth they were there when I bought the bike. It appears to be easy to do. I'd take pics but I did it once for one member and it was very confusing to see what was where and what.

  • Also, with only 15k miles and very well maintained by dealer. What's she worth? 98 vlx 600 deluxe

  • OK no worries I'm sure it can't be too hard. Thank you your bike looks great! Now I know how it should look haha have you done anything to it?

  • Nothing but some Polish. I got it a month ago. Paid 800. Rode her home. The saddle bags need some love. I'd like to put my own touch to it but don't want to ruin what value it has. Thinking about going up in size. I like that 1100 ace.

  • Yesssss

  • Nothing like my bike. I know it's a kawi, but wouldn't a old 80's goldwing be cool to cruise around on. Maybe knock that old trunk off and some loud pipes? Lol

  • yes but hard tail hurts

  • Springer seat man

  • yea its in the works haha but i raised it back up because every turn will scratch the frame

  • Very clean though.

  • I take the top case off from time to time. 1800 bucks. 32k miles. 1200cc dohc inline 4. Electronic cruise control. Speed sensing stereo. Super fast like a sportbike drrssed as a touring bike. Its also very nimble.

  • I'm right there with you but for me it's a great beginner bike

  • I like the fury

  • yes !!

  • I've just ordered some Metzeler ME888 white walls for my Shadow spirit. Can't wait to see how it changes the look

  • Let me know if you find whitewalls. I cannot find them in the right size.

  • Motorcycle superstore I believe had shinko 777s in the correct size.

  • I have white walls now but switching to black wall because of price . Oem tires are the only ones available at more than double the cost

  • I have a shadow 750 lowered front and rear. The rear tire seems to wear quicker and the wheel spins more on hard acceleration. That coupled with the fork lowering kit it makes mine set so low you can't hardly turn it right without scraping the pipes and even the frames scrapes on other side in hard leans. I'm gonna lift mine back to stock.

  • Thanks! I found a set, but they're steep. ($330)

  • Did you check amazon?

  • I did. They're marginally cheaper. I'm not sure I want to pay that much, but I do need tires.