• Single pipes or twin pipes which do you prefer. For me I like the twins

    Single pipes or twin pipes, which do you prefer? For me I like the twins. Long live the MK1 :-)

    • Me too! Prefer the mk1 dash as well!

    • no matter which bike is, twin or multiple exhaust alwast the best for me.

    • Personally prefer the Mk2, only because I own a Mk2:-)) Both good steady, old bikes.

    • Just back from a 1000 mile round trip to Northern Ireland on my MK1. It rained the whole way and my MK1 didn't muss a single beat. Superb

    • I like the twin pipes , more is better

    • More balanced

    • Twin all the way

    • Twins are twice as much fun!

    • Single pipe, less weight, but quite happy with the twin pipes on my mk1.

    • Twins look better