SMD light strips oh yeah

SMD light strips, oh yeah!

  • The chrome really does shine with the red have to take a better picture.

  • show me ;)

  • Were they difficult to install? Where did you purchase them?

  • I just put some on my bike too! I love 'em, not only does it look cool but makes you more visable at night.

  • I think it's illegal to ride with them turned on in WV. You can only use them when parked.

  • I run mine all the time in FL I don't knwo if it's illegal or not, I feel better knowing I'm more visable.

  • Pretty easy to install, me & my bother installed them they are SMD light strips we get them from eBay. They have adhesive strips on the back but we remove them and put 3M double sided tape clean area with alcohol then adhere to area. You will also need to buy extra wire to join them all once you have placed them where you want ideally you want to run the wire to the battery area then add a fuse link so you won't burn out the lights and a toggle switch from any auto store then connect wires to battery and that's all. Sounds like a lot but way easier than it sounds. Presto hit the switch and enjoy your lights oh and don't forget wire ties to do a nice and neat job

  • Do they come in pink?

  • Joe lights in Florida has the newest stuff I have um in blue with remote for them. They have them in every color.

  • Thanks Tony D'Aloisio!!!!