Snooze ya lose eh Can t seem to get a grey one anywhere now Can t even find...

Snooze ya lose eh ..... Can't seem to get a grey one anywhere now . Can't even find my second choice of the lemon colour. Farnham s saying only 60 bikes coming this month ... over 80 dealers. Oh well.

  • Tried Chiswick? They had grey ones last time I went friend of mine works there

  • Also HGB Ruislip have a lemon one

  • At work so can't ring anyone but contacted Chiswick through the chat thing. Waiting for an email back .

  • I'll see if my pal can find out

  • Cheers bud

  • Have contacted them ;)

  • My pal said there definitely is a grey one

  • I just spoke to Mat there Aaron and he says there are non . It must be sold.

  • My pal said he can make shit happen

  • Well tell him to tell Matt to phone me back lol ..

  • He said he wants the sale

  • Seriously they have a new grey SF ? 07712452070 ... tell him to ring me

  • He's on his way back from Poland at the moment but he said he can sort it

  • Well tell him to phone the shop and reserve it if they have one . Boss man said there are none though

  • He's back at work tomorrow and will try to sort something asap, sorted me a good deal on my msx aswell

  • Looks like I got one lads .... Grey one like I wanted . Gets delivered 7th or 8th . Better try and find the cash to pay for it now

  • Sorted now Aaron I think .. cheers anyway bud

  • Out of interest where from?

  • Got it from Lings. Grey one just sitting there waiting for me :)

  • Enjoy

  • Looking forward to it :)