• So

    So ...

    I um ...

    Sold the CB450 race bike to a guy who plans to campaign it on the salt in South Australia early next year and is going for a land speed record in its class and has invited me along to have a ride.

    Hell yeah!!!

    • Really? Did you get to take it for a spin first?

      What's next on the list then :-)

    • A CB750K2, a CL175 sloper and a CT200 - all at once.

    • I guess you will be leaving this site and moving on to a 750 site

    • No one EVER gets to leave this site Terry, I will just have to buy another CB450.

    • Well you can leave......but you'll have to pay the early exit fee :-)

    • Next time I build a CB450 I am building a CL450.

    • Chopper.

    • With lots of finned bits.