So a full tank on my msx now gets me 62. 7 miles


So a full tank on my msx now gets me 62.7 miles

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  • Oh my

  • Tell me about it

  • What you do fit a 500cc motor in it

  • Nope only a 181

  • 2v or 4v

  • Waiting on my afr to turn up so can set up it proper

  • 2

  • Great Iv just had mine done and not ridden it yet

  • Don't get me wrong I could probably get more if I did go flat out everywhere but it's so much fun and 5£ for a tank of vpower in not too fussed lol

  • that sounds rich AF..............pun intended

  • Not as rich as I was running, but I've only played with the fuel settings a few times

  • That's sad

  • What engine exactly? That's pretty terrible compared to stock where most hit like 110 per gallon (1 tank = 1 uk gallon)

  • I thought the tank was 6L, UK gallon is 5L

  • 4.5 top to bottom I believe. Could be wrong though

  • Have 100 miles on the z125 at half a tank now

  • We were both wrong but I was further off

  • I know it was more than 5....i still reckon you could sqeeze 6 in there.