So after sitting in my garage over the winter it appears that the front wheel...

So, after sitting in my garage over the winter, it appears that the front wheel is pretty much locked up. Pushing it was like pushing a bus. Best guess? Brakes locking or wheel bearings? Thanks.

  • I had the same thing, but back wheel. I used a flat screwdriver to move it off a little. I haven't had a chance yet to see if will snap out of it with a little riding. Its done it other years and I've never replaced anything...but maybe I should.

  • Yep. Only thing that's hard to do is getting the Pistons out of the calipers if they are stuck bad. I used compressed air to blow them out. Now would be a good time to look at the master cylinder as well.

  • stuck pistons

  • my honda dealer had my caliper seals

  • Honda costs quite a bit more than an aftermarket...

  • seals werent much

  • i simulate movement on my bike all winter long so things dont seize up

  • You know..the thing I done over the winter was push the pistons back as far as I could with a screwdriver at the pads..front & rear & everything has been fine with mine...just don't forget you will have to pump you pads back out before you ride.

  • yup, i squeeze all her levers every 3rd day, and also push down on the front to keep the forks good and shocks

  • Spray the caliper pistons with a metal lube before you store it for the winter!