• So American. Grom Tee to go with ma Grom

    So American !! Grom Tee to go with ma Grom

    • Got mine to day, well pleased with it!!

    • I've still got your hoodie...!!!

    • Mark Warren i will see it one day, must get round to sorting something out!!

    • Whoa calm down there Harley guy

    • I'm an American I live in Southern California. I hate grom as a name, it should have stayed msx 125 but here in the good old USA it should have came with at least a 150cc motor

    • XTREME sounds cheap Grom is mucho better

    • They are sold as MSX where I am too. Removed the MSX sticker and replaced it with a grom one. Now I have a grom :)

    • Got Grom ones coming

    • A good car

    • Almost got one. I already have honda jacket and wings on my helmet. Not sure how much more obsessed I should be.