So before I do this lets get a voice from the crowd


So before I do this lets get a voice from the crowd....

85 vt700

My year has the drain plugs on the front forks. I noticed a slow drip coming from the bolt. So I set off to change the fluid. When I removed it had the washer and several other small loops... after some investigation its part of the threads. So I can still get the bolt to grab but it wont tighten down and im still driping fluid, its slower but still a problem.

Drilling and tapping is an option but those are tools I dont have, nor do I want to pay a shop to do it. I know that new models have removed that screw altogether.

Is it a ludacris idea to JB weld the drain plug in place and solve the problem?

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  • Not ludicrous at all. Just means you'll have to remove the forks to change the fork oil and how often does that need doing. Not very. Filling the hole just puts you in the same position as later shadow owners. Just have to get it clean enough to take the JB weld without leaking.

  • Drilling an tapping would probably be best, if you can get a plug to fit that new size. There's another option called a helicoil, in which case you drill a hole and place an expanding threaded insert into the hole. I don't know what sizes are available for these, so you would need to investigate. They use these for stripped out oil pan plugs etc.

  • Rent a tapping tool from autozone for free

  • Tap to sae bolt, metric and sae bolts vary size, as saying in between size, probably won't even need to get the drill out,just remember to turn 1/4 turn in then back out, and repeat.

  • You can always try JB weld if you want. I'm not sure it'll grab properly with all the residual fork oil on the existing threads that you won't be able to clean up well. Worse comes to worse, your oil leaks out and the forks turn into pogo sticks I guess. Better option is to tap it.

  • Actually you do not have to remove the forks. Remove the cap and spring and using a large syringe ie fork fill kit and tubing and you can suck the old oil out then refill the fork.

  • Well at this point the deed is done. I drained the fluid and left it sit for about an hour. Changing the paper towel it was dripping on every 10 minutes until it no longer dripped. Cleaned out the threads and used a generous amount of jb weld. Let it set up for 2 hours before replacing the top cap (just because it sits outside and I have terriible luck). Now finish waiting the 24 hours cure time and refil with fluid. Fingers crossed....

  • Worst that will happen to the fork, is you'll lose all dampening, so they'll turn to pogo sticks until you refill them with oil... just keep an eye on it also, as you probably don't want it leaking out and going all over your rear tire while you're riding, as that would probably suck!

  • Lol no its actually the front forks that are leaking. A lot worse than the back. Its effecting my braking a bit so its got to be fixed. If this doesn't work its on to drill and tap

  • yeah, what I was referring to was the fluid leaking down your fork leg, all over the road surface right where your rear tire is going to be in half a second (that make sense?)... thus, probably not very fun in a corner.

  • Ah i see what you meant