So bummed I gotta vent here I saw a Shadow advertised here I contacted the...


So bummed I gotta vent here. I saw a Shadow advertised here. I contacted the seller and we exchanged info. Long story short, after agreeing on a price and a time line for pick up (it would've been a 2,400 mile round trip for me), spending money on a trailer and hours preparing for trip, guy pulls the post, leaves the group and disappears. I called his number several times but, of course, no response, only VM. It was a beautiful blue '07 750 at a great price I wanted for wifey's birthday. If he found a buyer closer to him, or better offer I would've appreciated at least a call or text to cancel plans, not a cowardly disappearing act. Sigh. O well.

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  • Yeah I'd be pissed too!! Sorry man. ☹️

  • Sorry to hear this, I just believe you'll find an even better bike for her.

  • I won't give the guy's name, but if you see this ad anywhere... do not believe him if he gives you his word!

  • That was a great price

  • Maybe it was for the better. Maybe you would have drove all that way and found something seriously wrong with it. Or worse. Could of been a complete waste of time for you in the long run.

  • I had that recently happen for a car purchase!! I drove 400mi round trip in bad weather, and had to buy a room for the night due to road closure on the return. He knew I was coming over to buy, and when I got there he never replied to my texts & voicemails. He also pulled the ad off Craigslist. Made me quite angry!! :-(

  • Aww, that sucks man. Sorry to hear.

  • The cool thing was the following evening I drove the opposite direction and bought a nicer and less expensive car. The guy who stood me up had a Chrysler Sebring convertible for $1300, and the car I ended up getting for $1000 is a Saab 900 Turbo convertible!! Fun car for the price!! :-)

  • The second guy reassured me he'd be there after I told him what the first guy did.

  • Hi Josh Perez.This is very,very cheap price.Next time you will check seller.We have here inspectors.They control everythinhg about your futured motorbike. I am sorry to read it.Good luck.

  • We say somethimes,USA land of unlimited possibilities.As we see its true. :(

  • That Sucks!

  • I know a close friend selling a 07 750 D.C. in silver for 1500. Lots of after market parts

  • Thanks Arik. As I was telling one of the guys, I've given up getting one for now. Maybe later in the year. Thanks dude ;-)

  • Ok, hope you find a nice one when you do.

  • You should not have to leave more than a 200 mile radius to find a great deal on a used shadow. Any metropolitan area will have plenty of them on craigslist.