So easy


So easy

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  • Another twats trying to educate me that I'm buying grom

  • Nope your buying a mini street Xtreme

  • Darent confuse them with words. Letters is hard for most on there

  • Stephen Stewart

  • They're just pricks. Most 1000cc sport bike owners don't use 50% of the bikes potential.

    It's more fun riding a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow

  • These bikes ain't that slow I can get away at lights that's all I need

    I've had a few bikes and this is by far the best for fun factor yes it might take you a bit to get places but atleast your smiling all the way there

  • I don't think they realize how funny it is when they get butthurt about a grom

  • Me a couple of guys went to fuel bike and car show in black pool and the amount of attention these little bikes get is unreal

  • Daytona bike week in Florida everyone I would park next to totally one off customs more people looked at the grom

  • Same where ever I park mine. Think the older blokes fondly remember the monkey bikes from 70's and it brings memories back for em

  • Funest bike I owned

  • Not really sure how your propensity to take a firm dicking, dictates what bikes you're allowed to ride but as long as you're happy.