So far my best attempt at a wheelie it feels so high in the moment but when I...

So far my best attempt at a wheelie... it feels so high in the moment but when I watch this back I feel quite disappointed

  • Keep trying mate. Always cover the back brake and you'll always be able to save your arse

  • I do my best to - and i want to push myself more but because its my only source of transport i dont want to fuck it up until ive got crash cages on ;p

  • I suffer from it feels massive it looks shitty syndrome too. Get used to the feeling and try harder is what I do.

  • I love that description

  • That's how I started too now I can get them decent. Takes practice, lots lol. One thing that helped me (after I ended up looping it) was bringing it up and hitting the brake to bring bringing back down, over and over and over. Got my muscle memory of using the footbrake

  • You will get there mate...

  • This is a link to my first msx video. I am improving and gonna make a new video next week. I think your doing good just keep trying.

  • I think just go a bit slower and do everything else the same. The slower you go the higher it comes.

  • I roll around 10mph then start it, ive tried around 7 or 8 and noticed it come up higher but i shit myself and slam it back down haha Ian Jarvis

  • soon hopefully! :P

  • yeah trying to get use to footbrake for some reason as i pull up i lift my toes of the lever! no idea why haha

  • Most people do

  • Ryan Carter I find that it comes up quicker but it forces you to get balanced first then when it comes up its less wobbly. Try and keep doing the same thing over and over and when it doesn't scare you anymore rev it a bit longer before you drop the clutch and it comes higher.

  • How did you get it so high ???