So far Rob Cromack and Jason Doel are getting booped on the nose


So far Rob Cromack and Jason Doel are getting booped on the nose.

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  • If you booked it off why not come lol

  • Becaues I can't be arsed to ride 100 miles from ace to Southend Jack.. I did say this the other day it's long... Yes other people are travelling further than the 400 mile round trip I would be doing but thats them

  • Hence why I never came to Southend shakedown

  • It's a shame man as it's gonna be a great ride

  • It's gonna be better than riding around London..

  • I'd probably give your missus one jack, but not you.. So the

  • Nah last year was great!!! Part from having to walk the bikes time to time

  • Walk the bikes? I rode mine everywhere and even offered to fight a couple of the monkey bike guys who tried making me walk her

  • What about Jonathan Shields... Will he get beatings aswel

  • Ahhaa nahh I see u walking last year

  • £500 says you didn't

  • 1000 smackers said u did!!! I can remember u turning around and saying this I ballocks!! Think we was riding next to Lee Roy

  • Yeah I stood up and turned bike around..... Didn't push it tho

  • I know mate I'll be missing out

  • You did... On more than one occasion

  • Ducking didn't. I rode it down the pavements

  • 18 pack of stellars says u didn't

  • Deal

  • Fuck off you daft cunt Charlie

  • Your getting a punch aswell then Sam