So got a problem unsure how big But story of my life will cost me money...


So got a problem unsure how big. But story of my life will cost me money regardless.

Just been for a ride about an hour wasn't killing it but wasn't slow, just as I got home (luckily) got an oil leek from the oil filter looks like it's blown a seal.

Any idea of the cause? Or a better solution for it bot to happen again?

Defo just happened as I got home due to only oil on the starter motor belly pan and sump not on rear tyre thank God.

Advise people I'm at your mercy oh n how much oil does the engine take?

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  • 2 mins will post a pic

  • No pref just wondered if it was an issue with a cirtain brand....OIK fitter hahahahah IIsington WTF ?

  • List what u mean mate

  • Still it's a good reason to give your bike a clean...

  • Yuck! Could give it a clean and top the oil up - start it up and see where precisely its leaking - but seems the filter is involved. It shuold be generally finger tight and little nip - so is it slightly loose? or has it been holed by road debris?

  • hi-flow/k&n or original Honda filters all work fine, looks like that filters been on for some time.

  • I do about 2k a month on this bike n I live on roads covered in farm shit I clean it every other day atheist it will be cleaned tomorrow I will get a proper oil filter while away n oil n fix it when I get back as I'm away from tomorrow afternoon till following Sunday in march seriously unhappy this happened :-(

  • Just remember to smear some clean oil on the new rubber seal, it stops the seal from gripping and misshaping. And hand tighten only.