So how bad is it taking a pillion must be dire.


So how bad is it taking a pillion, must be dire? :/

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  • Your right there. It handles fine with someone on the back. Take it easy Joshy. Have another little MSX chat soon.

  • Joshy, what's the Akra megaphone?

  • Take baffle out may as well be straight through put it that way

  • That's a akrapovic GP for an R6 the chap who did it made a custom header for it to fit. Just a head up in case you're expecting bolt on.

  • Mate the akrapovic carbon end is same size do case of a swap

  • You on about using it as a high mount? Haven't seen it been done tbf. I was on about this...

  • Aye nice that I have the akrapovic carbon so just need the mega phone end can which will slip on in place of my carbon

  • It's not a straight swap Joshy, that's from an R6 and as Joe said you will need a custom pipe made up for it to fit. It's not designed for the MSX so it's not a straight swap

  • It's easy enough to get a header