So how big long of a job would it be to install these front signal mounts to my...

So how big/long of a job would it be to install these front signal mounts to my 2004 honda spirit? They do not open up:( and have to be slid on the forks.

  • Easy, but whether you'll be able to pull it off is questionable, as I've never tried it without taking the wheel off etc. Basically, the forks are held on by 4 bolts, 2 in the upper tree, and 2 in the lower. Loosening both of those, should allow the foks to slip down far enough for you to be able to put these on, as the cables *should* be long enough. However, you might run into a problem with the weight of the fork/wheel assembly being pretty heavy... so you'll have to figure out how to hold all that weight and then push all that weight back up and hold it there while you tighten everything down. (jack might work?) If all goes well, it''s probalby literally 10 min of work or less (not counting getting the bike on a secured stand, etc. and keep in mind I'm going from memory and *think* the cables and hoses are long enough to not remove them, but no guarantees)

  • Tyler Riddle

  • A lot easier just to buy some of these. I have the same ones but in black and it only took a couple of minutes to chuck them on

  • It really tidied up the front of the bike with these mounts and the smaller indicators :-)

  • Take pictures of the forks... Mainly how much of the fork tubes protrude out from the top of the triple tree. Removing the wheel would make it easier so uou can do one side at a time if not you will have to jack it way up and fight it all the way their are several types of 41 mm fork clamps out there. But each leg of your fork tubes have a pinch bolt on the top and bottom triple tree. Slide down and slide your clamp on.. Mine had little caps hiding the allen bolt in the triple tree bolts... Hope this helps...Sounds harder than what it is...You can do it with a metric set of allen wrenches....Good luck

  • it requires dropping the forks enough to slide them on, not to bad of a job.

  • 2 rolls of duck tape would work so should take a matter of seconds