• So how is this U. K. Leaving EU effecting you guys in U. K

    So how is this U.K. Leaving EU effecting you guys in U.K ?

    Just curious to hear from actual residence, and not some BS Bloke on the news.

    • If you're an EU citizen living in UK (I know quite a few) then your life is suddenly quite uncertain.

      There have also been lots of reports of increased and really brazen racism.

    • Only a minority.. They ruin it for everyone else!

    • True enough but before the vote they wouldn't have done it so I'd say it's a change.

    • Yes it has changed, it's not just about the immigrants(we need immigration) it's just we want to control it. But the minority seem to think it's the people who are already living and working here. I've heard most of them will pack up and leave(which is a shame-as a lot are hard working) all they need to do I apply for a visa(of we do go down that line) there is no need to give up.

    • Best solution is leave EU and get a Norway type deal. Access to the free market so the country doesn't slide down the shitter, the price is free movement of labour.

    • Time to destroy the globalists and get your country back! UK did perfectly fine before the EU "invaded" them!

    • The racists were here before, and we just as racist, I suspect that now reports are getting heard more easily. Doesn't mean I approce in any way.

    • I'm pretty sure it's not all about economics but more of an immigration problem. Same shit we have here in the USA. NO TO SHARIA LAW! Fuck those a-holes!

    • Nothing official is going to change for two years anyway.

    • I hope we can do better than a norway type deal, there was no point in the vote if that is the best we can hope for ! Time to hold are govament to account for there actions, with out them being able to blam to the EU ! You never know the EU could come up with a better deal for us to stay .

    • That would be the ideal, but they already said 'no reform'

    • It only been two working days, how long before this start to effect the EU finacies . we can but hope

    • It's already started to fuck it all up(: bright side thou Germany, Iceland, USA, Canada and now India want some sort of free trade deals

    • And I bet you are in the NRA and watch Fox News too

    • NRA member but not a Fox fan! I hate lame stream media and liberals!!

    • You have too many people on welfare and abusing the system! Time to get rid of those leeches!

    • Amen

    • Byron Nitsche I don't think there's anything lamer than people who unironically use 'lamestream'.

    • "Sheep" is the word I was thinking

    • Lots of people abusing the system arent immigrants as well as a lot of immigrants being hard working. I think a lot of the system needs a rework, not just build a wall and keep everyone out.

    • The problem is the "Benefit" the people are entitled to. More and more will come because the gov't welcomes them with open arms. That has to STOP! Keeping the immigrants out until the country is back on track will solve a lot of problems. The lazy people should NOT get anything from the gov't. I'm pretty sure there are hardworking immigrants. But the lazy abusive ones are present in a large amount also.

    • That's the thing though, your argument applies to everyone. Spending a ton of money on keeping immigrants out isn't going to accomplish much. Revise the system that is allowing EVERYONE to mooch and EVERYONE will stop doing it. Eventually anyways. But there is a large population of homebred Americans mooching off the system so simply keeping immigrants out isn't going to change that. The system itself needs to be changed, not the people coming in to the country. If the system doesn't look so inviting then logically that would help reduce people coming in to leech of said system.

    • It's fooking awesome, too much racism about. I want all the dickheads out who are making it worse ie Bad Muslims.

    • So does this mean you'll be able to buy AR15s soon?

    • GBP/USD has reached its lowest rate since 31 years, 1985. ($1.319) It was at 1.50$ on Thursday evening. 15% lost in 4 days on a currency is extremely rare.

      So telling that GBP was going to drop anyway for reassurance is misconception of the truth.

      Holidays will be more expensive. No one at the leadership of the UK. All EU governments are upset about UK uncertainty. Racism has increased in UK, not only against muslim but against polish. Barclays and RBS share has dramatically drop. Scotland is on its way to split. EU nationals don't know what to do about it, some are thinking to live.

      EasyJet might leave the UK and its share already dropped, tourism is badly impacted.

      And I don't even talk about the city who lost trillions in one day...

      Summer is going to be hot in UK.

    • And England lost against Iceland! :-)

    • Yes, imports will cost + + +

    • Import export will go up and ginacial economies. Will clappse