So how many people on here has a bike that is their only transportation


So how many people on here has a bike that is their only transportation?. Wanting to trade my truck for a bike. But everyone tells me, never trade 4 wheels for 2. But I'm dead set on getting a bike. I've never ridden before.

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  • Oh yeah, I don't miss riding in the rain, or freezing my nutz off in the winter either

  • I traded my first bike on a truck I regret it everyday but now I got this new bike I know I'll never let it go

  • All year rider in Australia. Wirk and play!

  • I learned on an 1100, but I would definitely caution you against having a bike as your only transport if you are brand new to it! Take your time, learn the skills, take the MSF course, ride in some weather. The process of learning, and experiencing different conditions and situations will let you know if you're ready to go full time.

  • I only have a bike it sucks in winter but wouldnt give it up for anything.

  • I live in Florida as well and my bike is my only transportation. I went with a 750 as my first bike and I got it last fall. I haven't driven an 1100 yet but the want and desire is there now that I have gotten the hang of my bike.

  • Well I don't travel much. But I can take a back road where ever I need to go before I can ride on hwy. Rain wouldn't be a problem. But I wouldn't travel n snow I sure I could take a family members car

  • My bike has been my only transportation for the last year and I live in Boston. By the way we had the worst winter ever this past winter. As I type this I am stranded at a hotel for an extra day ( and an extra $75) because, even thou it is spring, it is snowing and I can't ride home until it goes away. Having said that, I am pretty happy with having the bike as my transportation. It does come with many limitations but as long as you understand that and you're ok with it than you can make it just fine. Just be ready for some sacrifices.

  • I have a 15 Honda shadow phantom 750 it is my main transportation unless weather is bad or I have passagers than I use my car

  • At one point I had a shadow 750 as main transportation it was fun iCalifornia