So I am new to the V45 world having only owned the bike since October and not...

So, I am new to the V45 world having only owned the bike since October and not even having a chance to ride it yet. It is an '83 that has under 8k on it according to the odo. I bought it knowing it didn't run great and figured a good carb cleaning would do the trick. With that said, and now that it is almost warm enough to work in the garage....I need some direction.

1. The name of the guy who does the carb rebuilds. I have done carbs on cars but would rather pay someone to do it right. A link to the procedure for carb removal would be helpful too.

2. The link to the show manual that someone posted and I forgot to bookmark.

3. The name of the guy who sells the oil mod kits. Might as well look into that as well.

Thanks in advance.

  • oil mod kit is Dave Dodgeh ttp:// ml

  • Everything can be found here

  • there are a couple on Ebay that do carbs.

  • billy carr does both v4 market and ebay carb rebuilds. Dave Dodge also does them.

  • Awesome. Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting this thing running right and putting some miles on her.

  • good luck!, i´m doing the same +'

  • did the carbs,... now clutch problem

  • will be your new best friend.

  • Be safe .mine is apart getting painted ive spent the last few days cleaning. All my parts that didnt shine any more drimmel tool does great at getting rid of the dull good luck hope weather gets better for you all its already hot as hell here