So I bought the 600rr The exhaust isn t that loud I was thinking about...

So I bought the 600rr. The exhaust isn't that loud. I was thinking about switching it out, but I come home from work sometimes at 2am and don't want to wake up the subdivision. How many of you leave it stock or switch it out.

  • Mines got removable baffle for silent running 30 sec to put in or take out

  • Yoshi for a sport sound. 2 bros or toce for loud

  • The answer is in your question, you come late at night back at home... Do you want a fight with your neighbours or do you don't give a shit about them? You can put on some other brands but what's the use (exchange every time the db-kilers)...

    But you can look around for Akra's, Arrow, 2 Bros, Yoshi's....

  • Loud exhausts save lives fact end of discussion

  • Or you neighbor will shoot you because you awakened him ;-)

  • lol didn't think of that

  • Switch it sounds just perfect I went for the yoshimura

  • If that were anywhere near true, only bikes with the quiet, factory exhaust would be hit by other vehicles or their lane encroached upon. I think we know that isn't true.

  • I put a 2 bros on my 03. Way better than stock. No complaints from neighbors either.

  • Proven fact it's true i didn't say it saved everyone's life but it has been proven to do so

  • More people notice and move because of my loud can.

  • My neighbor's hate me but I love my bike

  • Fuck the neighbors. Get the best exhaust you can and terrorize everyone.......... Needless to say some people in my neighborhood hate me lol

  • Man, in that case, if it's proven to save just one life, maybe they should put devices on emergency response vehicles, that produce high decibel tones, so that other motorists will always yield the right of way. These devices should, of course, be placed at the rear of the vehicle; with the sound emitted towards the rear as well. As that seems to be the most effective way of being heard.

  • I like the sarcasm lol

  • That's how it is where I live police come an take my plate an vin daily lol when it's out

  • Luckily I like in a small mining town. Everyone knows everyone and there's a lot of nice loud cars trucks and bikes so no one really flips out. There's a few that'll get annoyed then the cops come and just tell you to go somewhere else

  • I'm in a small town as well but it's starting to turn into a retirement town an I have the loudest bike around an biggest from what I've seen cruzin around

  • Always switch it out! If you don't want it too loud, go Yoshi RS5

  • I switched...but if I'm going early morning when it's quiet time I just ride in the tallest gear I can and don't Rev it at all. Been fine.