So I fitted the brake plate today


So I fitted the brake plate today.

I had forgotten just how bad drum brakes can be! Haha!

Any tips on how to improve and make the most of it? Cheers

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  • Scratch the hub emerypaper clean degrease shoes

  • With use it will become better

  • Thanks fellas. I'm going to fit new wheel bearings so I'll clean up and degrease everything at the same time.

  • lol, remove your flasher already....hahahaa

  • I don't use breaks. Hehehe.

  • Flasher?

  • ohh my, the circle one at the bottom of your tank beside the advancer....since you dont have any signal light, why not just removed it?, remove all the unnecessary thing in your bike to make it simpler just like an XR

  • Aha! I'll be needing the signal relay as this bike will be going back on the road soon :-)