• So I got a tracker fitted and I m getting 2 days to my battery before the bike...

    So I got a tracker fitted, and I'm getting 2 days to my battery before the bike won't start.... Anybody have the same issue or could this be related to the stator ??

    • Nah mine drains after a week or so

    • Do you mean battery drain rapidly after a short usage?

    • That`s why I don`t like to add ANYTHING extra to my battery. Taken two years to convince myself that heated grips are OK - the smart ones that turn themselves off - which I`ll be getting fitted soon. But after that nothing else.

    • Mine goes flat just with the hiss flashing after a couple of weeks

    • I use it to commute - but unless I run it on the weekend , by Monday the bike won't start

    • Battery ain't charge effectively? Mine travel around almost daily but the distance covered too short, hence I need to replace battery almost yearly basis. Die off prematurely.

    • Nightmare, turns out the stock battery is the same as a 125 ....

    • Yuasa YTZ10S?

    • It was, I've swapped it for lithium ion, same issue

    • Hmmm or your rectifier is giving ya the problem? It I remember correctly it's supplying the battery 12VDC.