So I got the 65 out on the road for the first time today and it does indeed...


So I got the 65 out on the road for the first time today and it does indeed have the 2nd gear issue. I've read one or two threads that mentioned adjusting something on the shifter rail or something like that and it may or may not help. Has anyone one here done this with success or should I just suck it up and split the case to look at the gears and whatnot?

Other than having to skip second gear she rides really well for having sat in a shed for 10 years.

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  • Lol that's the "GO!" gear...

  • I was able to fix this on my v45 by adjusting the shifter linkage. Its any easy fix if it works.

  • Her you go Bill Dixon.

  • Oh, you meant shifter linkage, I thought there was a slap, slack, slave adjustment to the gears themselves... I was hopeful to help a buddy of mine...

  • never had OD and i only had on slip in second so i put Kevlar clutch kit in mine and replaced the shift drum and it fixed my OD problem.

  • Gonna have to split the cases and replace at least one and possibly two gears and the shift fork the controls them! Have fun! I had to do the same to mine.

  • Oh lol that's a parts bike now, the engine is still very good, but on my next full restore, that trans is in the scrap pile... This next one is all performance minded, from one end to the other

  • A few years back a customer of mine inherted a V65M from is brother and it was popping out of gear. He asked if he could pass over 2nd gear for the summer and rebuild over the winter. Two weeks later he said he was bringing it in for a rebuild. He got into an emergency downshift situation and it engaged two gears at once... it split the case vertically and broke both shafts. Needless to say I had to provide a whole rebuilt engine. Be careful. Undercut, magnafluxed, shimmed, and inspected trans assembly ready to bolt in to your cases.

  • Good to know! How much would something like this normally cost Dave? I'm also looking into getting the aftermarket oiling system, you can message me if that works easier for you.

  • Message sent.