So I got this fl250 that I bought from a friend he had someone rebuild the...

So I got this fl250 that I bought from a friend, he had someone rebuild the engine and needless to say it ran 20 minutes and fried the rings.

I was once told that if I put a 250R jug and head on it I would gain some performance, is this true or should I just rebuild it with the original top end?

  • I have some topends

  • My top end is still good, I'm just curious if I will have any kind of power gain with a 250R top end.

  • i thought it was a cr250m top end that went on the odysseys. and from what i THINK i remember, you need to be able to time it using the cr250m flywheel. but the key ways do not line up so you have to just get it on the correct spot & then torque the heck out of it.. i researched this years ago when i was doing a fl250 oddy. so my information may be wrong. i remember it was pretty hard to find the cr250m jug back when i was looking for one and they generally went for a lot of money. this was 10-13 years ago.

  • What Lee said above.

    Next time check your plug. You won't blow it up that way.

  • plug was checked, it hadn't been run till I got it. I plan to pull it apart in the next week or so to see what went wrong, the way it sounds I'm guessing broken rings.