• So I have to leave the group now I am no longer a Honda Shadow owner Ride...

    So I have to leave the group now. I am no longer a Honda Shadow owner. Ride safe my friends.

    Yamaha Road Star 1700.

    • I figure one day I'll buy another bike. I'm considering a 1300r which I just consider the bigger version of my 750 aero. But my aero will always be special to me.

    • We can't all have great taste all the time.

    • Only thing the vtx would need fenders asap. Those short ones just don't work

    • Good luck but honda shadow aeeo is the best

    • I have a Yamaha Roadliner and spend more time on this site then on the Delphi liner forum. My girl has a shadow and I do most of the work on it and have gotten help from quite a few here. I think Honda's and Yamaha's are all great bikes, and we are all heading in the same direction>> Down the road (:

    • Ty Ronald

    • You're welcome Lori. You can find plenty of help on your specific bike here. Sign up, introduce yourself and you will find any help you need for your model bike. Enjoy. http://forums.delphiforums.com /1602

    • This one is a little more chilled out (: http://forums.delphiforums.com /rsstars

    • Love my shadow aero but will be going with a bigger bike next year. She was my first bike and I needed her to show me how to ride. I am the confident and experienced rider I am today because of her and will take that a long way. Ride what speaks to you and be proud of whatever that may be.

    • OK OK I am staying .. I still love the Aero's .. hehe