• So I just bought a FL350 that need the top end assembled. My question is this

    So I just bought a FL350 that need the top end assembled. My question is this. Guy gave me a bore matched 81mm weisco piston but no top end gasket kit. I can Only find 82mm gasket kits. Will that be ok to use?

    • I would think that you need a matching number size top end gasket that would be correct with piston diameter.. I'm sure there will be other responses.. That's great that you own one.. Welcome to the club..

    • Check rod clearance with a feeler gauge...use a new upper wrist pin bearing...use 2 new clips....check cylinder specs...has cylinder been bored out to the next size?...at the very least put the new ring in and measure with a feeler gauge to make sure your within spec....at the very least hone cylinder...use an oem base gasket..run only premium gas...with maxima 927 oil at 32:1

    • All gaskets are the same . do th piston mod. Google it. Then run it

    • Yea i was gonna add the piston oil mod...but got sidetracked

    • Thanks guys. Gonna have to google the piston mod. Never heard of it but Im sure its a good one.

    • I'm having mine rebuilt.. do you feel confident doin the mod yourself? I've taken mine to a specialist who knows the ins and outs of these machines.. he's doing the oil mod and piston mod.. aftershock might have the info or the pilot odyssey forums

    • I googled the mod but Im not seeing it. Do you have a link to it?

    • Odysseypilot.com