• So i love all the custom bikes posted but i must admit i have little to no...

    So i love all the custom bikes posted but i must admit i have little to no desire to mod the style of my ace so my question is what performance mods are you guys doing to the 750?

    • Power commander cobra pipes hyper charger

    • Dynojeting my bike is one of the best things I've done performance wise.

    • Clean and mean!

    • it's al in how you feel. me I can't leave good enough alone. Everything I have has been changed from stock.

    • K&N filter, so it can breathe. Most V H pipes don't require rejetting and add some extra ponies. Don't put a wind screen on unless it's low profile. Don't put your wife's fat ass behind you.

    • Looks great! IMO

    • For performance I only did one mod. I bought a Hayabusa.

    • Jets, Cobra pipes and a K&N air filter.

    • You aren't going to get a lot of power. .it a cruiser. I rebaffeled my Cobra pipes..didnt like sound. Cant get a Harley sound. I had CB 750 and 1000 Interseptor; they sounded good with open exhaust.. If you want power get sports bike..750 is 36hp..400 is 33hp..nit much.. stock bikes run ok

    • Who said power i said performance there is a difference. Basically answered a question never asked. I dont give 2 fucks about comparing my bike to a Harley Davidson either only a poser would do that.

    • My Honda sounded like shit with open Cobras. Like hammers banging.. I bought it like that. I've had many bikes, i wish they made an Aero with inline 4 cyl.... Poser? I've been riding 50 years. My bike has Hypercharger etc, if anything the performance is down, gas mileage is.