So I m looking for some customizing help I bought this 1999 VT1100C2 several...

So I'm looking for some customizing help. I bought this 1999 VT1100C2 several years ago. My one gripe on it is it lacks a heel toe shifter. I have not been able to source one. Does anyone have a good provider for this?

And it's on the lift thanks to ethanol. I think my carbs are totally blocked.

Thanks, and I love the group.

  • Ethanol is the worst nightmare of many bike owners. I wouldn't put ethanol gas in anything I own.

  • I dont have an answer fir you but where did you get the floorboards at and what brand are they

  • What's the name brand on ur fog light/ turn signals on the front of ur bike

  • I would search eBay for a heal toe shift pedal from an Aero or an Ace. That way you'd know it'll fit right. I have Aero exhaust on my Ace. All that stuff is interchangable. My 95 Ace had heal toe shifter originally but was mangled from previous owner crash.

  • well for about a yr i had same problem finding a heel tow shifter for my 98 honda shadow was scratching my head this way and that trying to find one that fit well low and behold i came up with this ::: grant you i could nto find a honda shift that would fit same way stock one did but i did find a one piece heel tow shiftier off a susuki 98 that worked perfectly with a few minor bend tweeks and with the adjustable running boards i have it all works seamlessly for shifting

  • They are cobras