So I m sitting here sorting out a list of what I need to pack for my trip and...


So I'm sitting here sorting out a list of what I need to pack for my trip and got to the maintenance stuff. I'm changing the oil the day before I leave so won't have to worry about that until I get back same with spark plug if it needs replaced. I know I need to take a 10mm and 12mm spanner 2 torq wrenches and the sockets in case I need to adjust my chain but what about cleaning it? I'm currently cleaning my chain every 150-200 miles which is what I'll be covering each day MINIMUM, should I stick to this and where will be the best place to do it? At a petrol station or somewhere else?

Edit: what else would those of you who have done road trips on the bike suggest I take?

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  • Should come near bolton area or anywhere within 45 min of it and I'll come for a little ride in the direction your going so you have a bit of grom company

    Also if you want to test my 181 I'll let you then when you get home you'll have to ring Ben and sell your soul

  • Take an 8mm just in case always good to have in there

  • Emergency puncture repair kit with some air pod things because it can happen. A battery back up for your phone, you don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and end up going low and breakdown.

  • In summer chain cleaning isn't so much of a problem due to less rain and salt. Chain should be fine with just lube but you could throw a small can of cleaner in and a rag if really worried

  • As above a can of chain lube will be the best, a couple of spanners and if you have it breakdown cover just in case. Worth investing in a power pack or battery thing for your mobile in case you're caught short for charge and need to make a call, but bear in mind you're covering distance on a small light bike you dont want to be burdened with tons of unnecessary stuff! Drop the oil and give it a once over before you go, then on the day hop on start up and go enjoy

  • 8,10,12 mm spanner, puncture kit and a full phone battery

  • Not sure about the plug spanner just put a good quality new one in job done ! I would take good multi tool and may a small spanner kit and also some breakdown cover. You can carry all the tools in the world but the one you need is at home :-( may be worth spending a couple of hours one night going through each nut/bolt & screw sounds a bit of a bind but it may pay off in the long run. ride safe!!!

  • Small can of chain wax and a spare spark plug of the hotter grade. You are going to be doing many hours at WOT everyday so a spare plug is good insurance. Cable ties and wrap duct tape around a pen to save space, most small offs can be sorted with ties and tape

  • Yeah I remembered about the puncture repair kit at about 2am

  • Thanks matey one less thing to carry

  • I've got breakdown cover through my bank which covers me not a vehicle, so for example if I was in a mates car and he broke down I could call up and get us picked up on my cover

  • I remembered about the puncture kit about 2am I always forget about that and battery is always full before I leave the house plus I have a USB port fitted to my bike

  • I've not said anything about taking a plug spanner because I've said I'm changing it when I change the oil the day before I leave. Yeah I've got breakdown cover through my bank so that's fine and I'll be giving the bike a once over the day before when I change the oil

  • I'll be doing the plug before I leave so it's fresh so I won't need to carry a spare, hadn't thought of tape or cable ties though thanks!

  • I would always carry a spare anyway. I have had "new" plugs fail after a few miles in the past. Guess it is an ex two stroke riders paranoia.

  • Cheers for the advice I'll pop it on the list

  • From a personal level think about good waterproofs, day after day riding means no opportunity to get things dry.

    If you have not done a journey as long your longest day before I would plan a day trip that covers that sort of mileage so you can work out comfort and any little niggles. Things that don't wind you up on a short journey really start to annoy on a long one.

  • I was thinking of doing that in March but also trying to get out for longer rides on my days off and stuff and yeah my gear is pretty waterproof but I have some over trousers just in case

  • Visor wipes and cleaner

  • Did you not get one in the tool kit? Just slim that down and leave at home what you don't need ☺

  • Get one what in the tool kit?

  • I advise the dynaplug kits, very small and very good

  • Thanks I'll have a look