So. I painted my frame and replaced the stator side cover. It ran great after


So. I painted my frame and replaced the stator side cover. It ran great after. But now it wont start. Could it be the stator?

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  • Look up online how to test the stator but I know you can check with a voltohm meter. I think it is just checking for an ac current between the red and black wire. Or if you have an amp clamp clamp the red wire.

  • Alright. Gonna tear into it this weekend. Just trying to gwlet dome because im have dune withdrawals. Lol. Got my dads runing good. Now i need mine.

  • You could possibly have lost ground due to painting it

  • I wire brushed all the grou ds after. The bike ran perfect after put back together. It sat for like a week. now it wont start

  • Is there ANY corrosion on those wires at all? And I mean ANY. Or loose connections of any sort in any questionability? Hunter Hardiman knows I get frustrated and I just make new wiring. Check to see you got spark.

  • check ur ohms on the stator it could be putting out to much and burn the cdi box up.I just had the same problem with a 1986 250 bigred I would change the cdi box and it would burn out about every 30 check ur stator and see wat its reading and u got to have a voltmeter that reads up to 200 ohms.if u dont know how to do it just go to youtube and theres people on there that show u how to read them which its very easy.

  • Where and how do i get to the woodruff key? Ive got the side cover off now

  • where exactly is it? Im working on pulling flywheel now

  • Pics or anything?

  • If you can find it or see it that's probably the problem.