So I rode my bike every day to work And one of my co workers asked me if I...


So I rode my bike every day to work. And one of my co workers asked me if I have ever heard of the Honda Hurricane. Anyone know anything about this bike? Apparently it could reach close to 200 mph and they discontinued it back then because the law couldn't keep up. Stories, any facts? Thanks, Matt

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  • Wicked son of a bitch......

  • Ninja 900 was comparable

  • Too speed? And I've never heard the name hurricane until my coworker said it today. Insane. Lol

  • I was following my friend (make that trying to follow) on his Hurricane down interstate 285, I had never seen in person, someone ride a wheelie several miles down the road like he did, rest his soul. I was on my 500 Shadow at the time. That Hurricane was the fastest/quickest bike I'd ever seen at that time.

  • I'm surprised people these days(young guys just getting into bike that want to go fast) don't look for them. They always go for the cbrs and ninjas. And r6 and the typical name brand stuff.

  • I don't care for those rocket bikes either, I have lost many friends and co workers on those things. Matt, I see you have an old classic Nighthawk 750, I have another friend who had several Nighthawk 700 (he kept wrecking them and always got another). He eventually gave up riding.

  • The Hurricane was the first generation CBR600F. It was fast in its day, but wouldn't hold a candle to today's sportbikes.

  • Thanks Mikey Tee. Lotta stuff I learned from this post. And Joseph I got rid if the nighthawk. Had issues with valves. Adjusted from shops many times. They would just go back to the way they were before.

  • Oh man that sux. What are you riding now?

  • 03 Honda shadow VT600.