So I stopped at a local gas station on my way to work which is a part of my...

So I stopped at a local gas station on my way to work which is a part of my morning routine and as I'm standing inside getting ready to put my helmet and my gloves on a woman says you're not seriously riding a motorcycle in this weather are you? To wich I could only grin and say well yeah lol. 22 degrees does make for a chilly ride!

  • 42 in New Orleans. I use the interstate for about 15 minutes to get to work. After I put my level 3 thermals, Leather pants and jacket. Add a head cover with that. I stay pretty warm.

  • I hear ya, I'm in Iowa and rode a few days before this recent snowfall and people were losing their minds over it. Like they've never seen a dedicated rider before. Lol

  • For years I had nothing but motorcycles so I learned to ride in anything but ice. I do feel kinda lonely when I don't see anyone else on 2 wheels while I'm out but I love seeing the other lunatics haha

  • It's 40° here in Daytona Beach but the ride this morning felt like 20° as I took my wife to work. Froze my damn canolli off!

  • Dam. At 20° I wont be able to find my canolli's

  • Luckily my wife and I moved to Florida from New York a few years ago. But it gets cold here in the winter months. We dont get We dont own a car. Just the Shadow and a scooter.

  • Haha yeah it's rough

  • Haha so I was somewhat right. Our trip to her work we travel 45mph for about 3 miles From house.

  • 26° Is cold

  • Most people don't understand

  • I ride all winter as long as the roads are clear

  • our main roads are clear. I'd have to trailer mine down to the blacktop in order to ride. to much of a pain in the ass. I'll just have to wait till mid to end of April