So I ve been having headlight taillight and speedo lights blow heaps on a...

So I've been having headlight taillight and speedo lights blow heaps on a restoration on a 89 ct110 ag bike....brand new battery I've been using for a couple of weeks putting around the culdesac. Think my regulator has a short in it.....

However, checked my battery last night and the polarity has reversed??? Multimeter says -6.22V?? Switch the probes around to negative on positive and vice versa it says 6.22V. Would this be because there's AC going to the battery, meaning it's definitely the regulator rectifier?? Any thoughts would be great.

  • I have the 6 volt model as well and I find if one light blows it seem to make too much power for the rest so have to replace a bulb as soon as it blows or it will blow all the rest with in like 5 minutes. I have spoken to a few people with the same problem. Although if it blows them all the time while Reving engine it's more than likely a voltage regular problem

  • This is my one. It's 09 but when I gave shop vin they tell me it's an 80 something model.

  • Yeah I've been mucking around with it and had a sneaky suspicion it was the regulator....just super expensive new, found a second hand one, I'll test it before I buy it and see how we go. Thanks mate!! Anyone else have any opinions?? Reverse polarity has me stumped

  • honda released a resistor that went intothe loom from the stator to fix this problem , i had one , but cant find it ,

  • Fix the causing of reverse polarity??

  • fix the cause , sorry it went in the loom before the haedlight , its been a long time since i did this , remmeber the lights are on their own curcuit

  • it was a heat transfering resister , with fins on it , mounted near the horn , if you want to message me i can find out if still available

  • A fair bit of difference between a 09 and 80.s would be 12 volt for a start 6 volt til 93

  • Pm sent.

  • No the ag model is 6 volt and high low box

  • Yours is a CT110X, John? It's the 6V AG CT's just made now, apparently from 2000 onwards. And they have a plastic chain guard cover, which the AG bikes didn't come out with? Correct me if I'm wrong guys :)

  • So I'm picking my bike isn't the Ag bike.....only normal 4sp gearbox

  • My mate has a 94 Postie, 6V with normal g/box, and indicators on the handlebars? His is 6v, and yours would have to be, mate.

    Replace the Regulator Rec and see if it fixes this issue. The 6v bikes have an issue with blowing headlight globes, but not sure about dash globes & the tail light globe.

    Even on my 2008 12V postie it blows tail light globes weekly.

  • Yeah it's def a 6v.....just wondering how the fuck my battery got reverse polarity. Running and revving with a dodgy regulator rectifier I'm guessing