So I went into my local honda dealer for a browse today and ended up buying the...


So I went into my local honda dealer for a browse today and ended up buying the Repsol CBR125... Since my MSX was stolen ive just had no motivation to repair it... Its stock with absolutely no mods as i didnt have it on the road for long enough, 2014 plate with less than 2500 miles, didnt even make it to a second service. As it stands theres no lights, indicators or panels and the wiring is terrible. I have bought a full engine wire harness which will need fitting, and i have replaced almost all the panels. Ive bought a headlight too...

A few parts it needs: tail light, indicators, headlight housing/cover. Undertail panel (the bit the battery sits in) because the one on it is snapped where the taillight mounts on. The circular side caps that fit into the mid fairing above the rearset.

Is anyone interested in buying it to rebuild or for parts? If there is any interest ill go n take some pics of how it stands and parts ive bought for it

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  • If i knew i could get rid of the engine too then id consider it

  • Okay shout me if you manage you sell the engine please bro a friend of mine needs just the frame

  • Yeah man no worries

  • Who was the kid with the modded scooter that wanted a project bike?

  • Post pics and a price?

  • How much mate

  • I've messaged you

  • How much for it complete, I have all the missing bits!

  • Ah that's a shame mate :(

    Sorry to hear that.

  • Mee

  • Offers

  • Ill put pics on soon guys ill get everything together

  • I havent got it

  • Need to check 'requests'

  • Chris is a recommended buyer, bought a (too cheap, just want it gone) bike off my dad and while others allegedly wanted it but were busy pontificating, he was there with cash for the asking price and a van the very next day.

  • Ah sweet, depending on location i could potentially deliver myself. Anyway ive messaged Chris Francis

  • Round Petersfield way somewhere. IIRC

  • yep, thats me :D

  • Mr carpe moto

  • Lewis King

  • Scrap that you saw it already